How to turn Money Worry into Money Action

Worry-proof your future with a simple mindset hack

I thought the S on Superman’s chest was a little bit vain, but I would cut him some slack for everything he did to protect the earth.

In 2004, a reimaging of the comic hero revealed that the S-Shield is a symbol of “hope” on his planet, represented in the coat of arms crest for his family name.

I was almost 30 years old when I found out what Superman was all about.


Almost everyone can use a little more hope regarding financial matters. But for some, it’s essential to shift from a worrisome mindset to a hopeful one.

Everyone has to find their inner Superman.

An everyday money battle is Hope vs. Worry, a conflict between our perspective of the present and future self.

Some people worry about their money; not a slight worry but an extreme version of worrying.

For example,

Instead of being late on the rent and paying a late fee, the concern is that you will be evicted and homeless if you’re late for the rest of your life.

Some may have been late on a credit card; millions were likely late on credit card payments during a two-year global pandemic.

But, again, instead of the consequence being a late fee, the worry is that your credit will be damaged, and you will never own a home.

Extreme worrying can lead to increased stress which impacts you mentally and physically.

Worrying about extremes when thinking about money is rooted in fear.

Harsh reality: Most people are afraid of losing their current income or lifestyle due to their actions.

Combined with a fear of experiencing an unexpected financial emergency, Money worry makes people prefer being safe than sorry while trying to stay away from danger.

Traditional money advice tells you to sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.

Worry makes you react quickly and emotionally without much thought of ramifications.

I have seen so many people worry about things in their control, changeable actions that can influence a better future. Still, the fear associated with worrying makes individuals blind to opportunity.

Sometimes the things we worry about overshadow our ability to achieve great things today and in the future. Shifting to a hopeful mindset brings the opportunities into view.

If you are worried, then take immediate action to move the situation in a more positive direction.

The benefit of the present is that we can take action now.

We may not be able to predict the future; however, taking action on something you can correct today and move on from increases the chances of a better outcome.

A natural transition from worry to hope.

Worry-proof the future and replace it with hope.

What is Hope?

I like to think of hope as action.

It is your thoughts and conscious mind desiring a potential outcome.

The potential outcome creates motivation and translates into some action.

You act intentionally to move towards your desired outcome.

Information becomes knowledge, knowledge becomes understanding, and understanding turns into action.

Everyone’s hopes are not the same, and the actions or steps to achieve the goal are not the same.

Hope can be a task, taking positive steps towards achieving your goal, exercising, therapy, or doing something productive.

Hope fuels your action and influences your behavior to tackle your goals.

When you’re worried, you often focus on the things going wrong, and you can’t stop your worrying thoughts.

When you take action towards your goals, the worry moves from your mind to action, and you take the necessary steps to alleviate your stress.

Instead, you can focus on working towards your goal and what you need to do to get there.

Once you start taking action, it’s easier to clear your mind of negative thoughts.

It is easier to handle the task when you stop feeding the worry.


George Blount coaches individuals on navigating and reacting to economic change and financial stress in their lives. Organize your financial life, nurture your money mindset, learn what to know about money concepts. Get the Financial Foundation Checklist at:



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George M. Blount, DBA

George M. Blount, DBA

Financial Therapist & Money Mindset Coach