Money Hates You

How a toxic relationship with money destroys future prosperity

Strong women dominate my mom’s side of the family; my siblings and cousins learned everything we know from the women in our lives.

I learned how to plan, empathize, problem solve, and fight from the women in my family.

My mom is one of the strongest women I know; she always knows how to get it done. She and my aunts are fighters.

They each have a unique way of making a point and have no problem choosing violence if needed.

She gets it from the woman she called mom.

My Grandma Mattie was the tell-it-like-it-is kind, with no filter and a proud woman.

My Grandma Toot was the first image I saw of an entrepreneur; she could turn her home into a thriving business three days a week.

My brother and I were around many women growing up between family and friends, and we saw all hues and generations of Black women.

So, by default, that also makes me an expert in another area…


Specifically, gossip about toxic people.

Man or woman, the message was simply that toxic people do not make good friends or partners. Avoid them, and you will be better for it in the future.

As a financial therapist, I help people with their emotional relationship with money. There’s a hidden secret to helping our money mindset that I mention sensitively for some and loudly for others.

Money does not like you.

Money does not enjoy being around you.


Because most people have a toxic relationship with money.

When friends or family members talked to my mom, three traits of toxic people were often mentioned. First, they are transactional only there when they need something. Second, it’s their way or no way. It’s like a one-way street. Finally, toxic people have wild mood swings where you are their best friend or worst enemy.

Think of money as a person.

Now, overlay these traits with common descriptors of money, and the toxic pattern is easier to see.


Money comes in, and money quickly goes out; you don’t have an opportunity to see what happens when money sits there. When the money does stick around, late fees and interest charges drain what’s left. You are not spending time with your money.

One-Way Streets.

Are you investing? I mean investing the time and partnership to make money better once it’s been in your care? Do you Increase the value, show new things, share perspectives, build knowledge, or anything of the sort? Or am I just there to vent at and blame for lack of happiness? Money works better in a partnership instead of being there when needed.


Money is either key to your happiness or why you are in hell. There is no gray area.

There is a high expectation for money; it’s either good or bad, and the middle gray area is ignored or deemed irrelevant.Money has all forms of pressure all day, every day.

A little clearer?

Do you want someone who views your relationship as transactional, doesn’t see you as a partner but as a tool in a tool belt, and challenges you to be all that is good and bad in the world?


Why would money want to be in a relationship with you?

Financial circumstance has a series of money wounds that develop over time.

For some, it’s essential to know you are hurt and need to heal.

Unconscious conditioning makes it difficult to attract money. However, if addressed, you become magnetic to opportunity and money.

The keys to financial freedom are healing the negative self-image you have with money, and healing money barriers developed over time.

Money doesn’t like you.

There is nothing to do with banking, budgeting, products, retirement, job, or investments.

The money mindset you have repels money, financial guidance, and advice. It is the root of the problem.


Dr. George Blount coaches individuals on anticipating, preparing, planning, acting, monitoring, reviewing, and reacting to economic change and financial stress in their lives. Organize your financial life, nurture your money mindset, learn what you knew about money concepts. Get the Financial Foundation Checklist at:



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George M. Blount, DBA

George M. Blount, DBA

Financial Therapist & Money Mindset Coach